How To Fix Your Vehicle Body After A Hail Storm

Hail damage is the kind of thing that can not only ruin your day — it can ruin your vehicle. In fact, a lot of people each year deal with things like busted out windshields and dents in their vehicle body. While this sort of thing can't always be predicted or avoided, you do owe it to yourself to touch base with a shop that can fix whatever issues you come across whenever hail gives your vehicle a beating.

4 Tips To Help You Deal With Minor Auto Body Repairs To Keep Your Classic All Original

If you have a classic car that you have spent a lot of time restoring, there may be minor repairs that you need to do to keep it in its original condition. When it comes to the bodywork of your car, repairs need to be done to prevent deterioration, but you likely want them to be done correctly and to be as original as possible. The following auto body repair tips will help you with the repairs that your car needs and keeping it as original as possible.