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4 Tips To Help You Deal With Minor Auto Body Repairs To Keep Your Classic All Original

If you have a classic car that you have spent a lot of time restoring, there may be minor repairs that you need to do to keep it in its original condition. When it comes to the bodywork of your car, repairs need to be done to prevent deterioration, but you likely want them to be done correctly and to be as original as possible. The following auto body repair tips will help you with the repairs that your car needs and keeping it as original as possible.

Inspect Your Car's Exterior for Signs of Corrosion and Bad Repairs 

The first thing you want to do to start restoring your classic car is to inspect the body. If it is possible, you want to get a car that has very little rust and corrosion. When inspecting your car, you want to look for signs of paint and filler repairs that you may want to remove and do better to make your car more original with cleaner repairs.

Remove Rust and Corrosion to Expose Metal and Evaluate the Repairs That Need to Be Done 

The rust and corrosion that you find when inspecting your car will need to be removed. Expose the raw metal materials by cleaning and sanding the area where there is damage. If there are holes rusted through metal due to the rust, you will want to sand the damaged area until you get to the bare metal, making sure to clean a few inches past the damage to do the repairs correctly.  

Cut and Replace the Metal to Restore Auto Body Parts Without Replacing Them

The metal that you have exposed when doing the cleaning of the auto bodywork will need to be cut out and replaced. It is important to carefully cut the metal sections out and weld new material back in the hole. After the new metal has been welded, the welds will need to be smooth before the painting is done, which is why it is usually better to have an auto body professional do these bigger repairs.

Repair the Plastic, Fiberglass, and Other Nonmetal Parts to Restore Your Classic Car to Its Original Condition 

There are also a lot of auto body trim pieces that are made of plastic, fiberglass, and resin-like materials that need different repairs than metalwork. For these types of repairs, you can use special bonding fillers for auto parts to repair the damage and keep the original parts. If the parts are too damaged to be repaired by bonding them back together, an auto body repair service can help with installing original replacement parts if needed.

These are some tips to help with the auto body repairs your car needs and keep them as original as possible. If you have a classic Toyota that you are restoring, contact a Toyota body shop for help with repairs to keep your car all original.