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How To Fix Your Vehicle Body After A Hail Storm

Hail damage is the kind of thing that can not only ruin your day — it can ruin your vehicle. In fact, a lot of people each year deal with things like busted out windshields and dents in their vehicle body. While this sort of thing can't always be predicted or avoided, you do owe it to yourself to touch base with a shop that can fix whatever issues you come across whenever hail gives your vehicle a beating. 

With this in mind, use the points in this article and begin touching base with a shop that can assist you with the work that you need. 

How can I get to know the total amount of damage my vehicle experienced?

Your very first step needs to be taking your vehicle to an auto body shop that can assess the damage. When you know how badly your vehicle is damaged, you can get a cost estimate for fixing it. By taking the time to get a thorough cost estimate, you can then start to figure out what sorts of repairs need to be handled. Take it to a licensed and insured auto body shop for the initial estimate, and find out if your insurance company is going to help cover the cost. 

Should I get traditional or paintless dent removal?

Next, any auto body shop that you take your vehicle to will offer you traditional or paintless dent removal. Each has its benefits, so you should start to do your research on it to know exactly what you are getting. With traditional dent repair, the auto shop will fill finish the work with a nice paint job. This will either be the original color you had prior to the damage or a close equivalent. You can also take this time to get an entirely new paint job. 

Further, you might also want to touch base with a shop that can provide you with paintless dent removal. By going the paintless route, the finished product won't be as polished and precise, but you will get your car back quicker and at a cheaper price. 

In general, paintless dent repair work can cost you about $2,000 and up for a decent amount of hail storm damage. Start to factor in these costs and compare estimates between some different dent professionals. 

Use these tips and visit an auto hail repair shop the next time your car gets caught in a hail storm.