5 Types Of Bumper Damage From A Collision

Most modern cars don't have metal bumpers, at least not visibly. Instead, they feature a plastic or fiberglass bumper cover that encases the metal collision protection bar and other safety components. The type of bumper repair needed following an accident depends greatly on the parts of the bumper that are affected and the extent of the damage 1. Surface Damage Surface damage is the easiest to repair. This includes minor paint scratches or scuff marks, usually caused by low speed or glancing blows to the bumper. [Read More]

FAQs About Paintless Dent Repair(PDR) You Should Know

Your car is constantly exposed to all manner of accidents. Some can lead to cracks and chips, while some leave behind dents. Each of these damages has unique repair methods. If you are dealing with dents, you can fix them using an environmentally-friendly process. Not only is it cheaper, but it also takes lesser time.  The repair process involves pushing the dent back to normal using a unique tool without tampering with your car's original paint, called paintless dent repair (PDR). [Read More]

Why It's Important to Have Your Teenager's Car Repaired After a Collision

If your teenager has recently been involved in a car accident, the first thing that you might have been worried about is whether or not your teen was safe. Then, you might have been worried about other things, such as whether or not the car was damaged. If your teen's car was damaged during a car accident, it's important to have collision repair done. In fact, you will probably want to prioritize it and have it done soon for these reasons and more. [Read More]

Is Your Car Out Of Alignment?

No matter how careful a driver you are, sometimes it is impossible to avoid potholes and curbs. When you hit these things, it is normal not to see any damage on your car. The truth is that the damage could be occurring inside, knocking your vehicle out of alignment. There is a lot to learn about your vehicle's alignment. If you are unsure if your vehicle has issues with its alignment, these are signs you need to visit an auto repair shop very soon. [Read More]