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Common Repairs That Are Needed Following Collision Damage

Being involved in a collision can lead to major damage to your vehicle. Not surprisingly, people are likely to find that they will need to visit a collision repair service soon after their vehicle suffers serious collision damage.

Panel Replacement

Denting and crumpling of the exterior of the car is a likely side effect of being involved in a collision. These damages can often be severe enough that they may not be repaired with paintless or body filler options. Rather, a total replacement of the panel may be necessary to restore the vehicle. Depending on the type of car that you have, it may be necessary to order these panels from the manufacturer. This could lead to a delay, as the repair provider may have to wait until the panel arrives before they will be able to continue working on your vehicle.

Glass Restoration

The windows of the car are also likely to suffer damage as a result of the collision. While cracks or even shattered windows can be among the more dramatic damages that can occur to them, it is also possible for the force of the impact to cause alignment problems with the windows. These alignment issues could allow water to seep around the frame, which could eventually cause mold, corrosion, and electrical problems for the vehicle.

Addressing Side Mirror Damage

Your vehicle's side mirrors are a necessary component for allowing you to safely drive your vehicle. Unfortunately, this is a component that can also be easily damaged during a collision as they protrude from the side of the vehicle. In addition to being necessary to restore the appearance of the vehicle, replacing or repairing side mirrors that have suffered damage can also be a legal requirement for your vehicle to be able to operate on public roads.

Front, Rear, Or Side Light Repairs

Damage to the head or tail lights can be another common issue that will occur during a collision. The force and location of these impacts can lead to these lights being broken, but it can also cause the headlights to detach from the power cable. Both of these issues will prevent the headlights from being able to work effectively, and this can compromise the ability of the driver to see at night. Depending on the damage, these repairs may be relatively short, as the technician may be able to easily replace a damaged cover for these lights. However, if the entire light assembly needs to be removed and replaced, this will increase the complexity of this part of the repair.