Two Reasons Why Installing A Remote Starter Is An Excellent Investment For Your Car

You may have recently had a friend over to your home for dinner who was just in the process of leaving to go back home. They grab their keys, press a button and you immediately hear their car start-up. If you weren't even aware that this was an option, it can leave you feeling like you've just witnessed a futuristic occurrence that is totally out of your league. The truth is that nearly any car can be outfitted with a remote starter.

There Are Different Kinds Of Safety Glass In Your Car

There are different kinds of safety glass in your car, and they aren't like the glass in your windows at home. They are there for specific reasons and because they function in specific ways.  Safety Glass Safety glass is glass that has been treated in some way, usually by extra heating or through some kind of chemical process. There may also be additional steps in making the glass. The glass is designed to be harder to break and to withstand things that most glass wouldn't handle.

Signs You May Have A Leaky Windshield

Windshields are like clear bucklers that protect riders from flying debris, bugs, and inclement weather. However, unlike the shields in video games, a vehicle's windshield is not invulnerable to damage and deterioration. Depending on its age and other factors, it can become the source of water leaks in the car. Here are few signs this may be the case and how to test it to confirm. Subtle Symptoms of a Problem