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How Do Auto Body Issues Affect Value?

The value of a car almost always diminishes with time. If it has auto body issues, it is only logical to think that the value becomes even less. When you decide to resell them, they become categorized as 'second-hand' or 'used' cars and unless you are a celebrity or your car is a limited version, it is highly unlikely that you will get a huge appraisal. A common question that insurance companies ask about used cars is if there had been repairs done to the body. Make no mistake, you cannot dodge this question because they can also find out for themselves.

Some examples of auto body issues include auto paint problems, dents and collision damage are:

Paint Problems

Paint problems happen mainly due to deterioration especially when the car is used excessively. However, there are also other causes of paint problems such as vandalism and scratches. While repainting the car will remove these, it might also introduce new auto body issues. This includes bleeding, dirt, paint bubbles, and even more deterioration. The repaint makes it unoriginal and this can adversely affect the value of the car. The cost of fixing the additional damages caused by repaint can also devalue the car.


Dents are terrible things to have in your car even if they are small. Dents are typically caused by falling objects or when drivers accidentally hit the side of the car as they open the door. This might not directly impact the performance of the car but some people still see this as a damage. Most people prefer to buy used cars that are clean-looking, and dents can be very off-putting.

Collision Damage

Collision damage is probably the worst thing that can happen in the history of your car. On many occasions, it affects the auto body of the car and its overall performance. A collision can damage many parts of the car that may not need replacements. This will decrease the resale value of the car. The time and effort needed to inspect the car completely are very discouraging to a buyer. Unless you are restoring a rare classic car, the chances of getting higher than 60% of the initial price are very slim; use a collision repair expert to restore as much of the value as possible.

Cars are always prone to paint problems, dents, scratches, and collision damage. But when you do decide to resell, it is only right to send the car to an auto shop and have them repair all the damages. You will not be able to resell it at a higher price but you know that you can get your money's worth in the end.

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