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3 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of A Dent In Your Car

If you're in a major accident, the best thing to do is to take your car to an auto collision repair shop and have it looked at by professionals. But there are plenty of circumstances in which you may want to save some money and take care of repairs yourself. Perhaps the most common of these kinds of instances is when you discover a small dent in the body of your car. Even if you have no idea how it came to be, there are some easy ways to get rid of it without spending a fortune. Take a look at just three of those ways below.

Dent Pullers

One of the easiest ways to remove a small dent - especially if you have never done it before - is to buy a dent puller. These tools are essentially giant suction cups that attach to the body of your car and then use the power of suction to straighten out the dent. A handle that is attached to the cup provides all the necessary leverage you need, even for larger dents. Even if you're worried about making a mistake during the do-it-yourself process, you can do no wrong with a dent puller.


You can also use the simple power of rapid temperature change to fix the dent in your car. First apply heat directly to the dent with a blow dryer. Then immediately after, put on some gloves and apply dry ice. More often than not, the dent will pop right out and you'll be left with a surface that looks as good as new. If you see the temperature affecting the paint in any way, stop the process before you've caused too much damage.

Body Filler

If a dent is particularly deep, then you may have to resort to body filler. First, sand off the paint on and around the dent. You want the area to be completely smooth. Then mix the body filler and apply it to the dent. This is the trickiest part, as you only have a limited amount of time - usually about five minutes - to do this. Once you have applied the filler and it has hardened, sand it again until the area is level with the rest of the body. Then apply some primer, sand again (wet sand this time) and you're ready to apply some paint. After a coat of paint, the dent should be invisible.