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Inspecting Your Car For Damage After An Accident Or Fender Bender

Even if your car was only involved in a minor accident, there may be damage to the body, frame or running gear that you can't see. Take a look at the car closely and get it checked out at a qualified shop for any damage that you might not see. Watch for signs that something is not working properly and poor handle after the accident and if you experience any, get the car looked at right away.  

Minor Accidents Can Do Major Damage  

The way cars have been built in recent years leaves then vulnerable to damage from even a minor accident. The body and frame are all joined together to form cars now. That means damage to the body can extend to the frame or unibody, the suspension, and even the running gear of the car. If your car is handling poorly, you could have damage to any of those parts of the car. It doesn't take much to cause damage to the car, either. Potholes, light collisions like in a parking lot, and even someone hitting your parked car can all cause damage to any of the components of the vehicle.  

Signs You Have Damage You Can't See  

It can be very difficult to tell when your car has sustained damage to the frame/subframe or running gear after an accident. If you notice that the car starts pulling to one side of the road while you are driving, the tires start to wear quickly or with a strange pattern, or the car has developed a noise that you can not clearly identify, it is time to have it checked out. Describe the issue to the technician at the shop and let him know that car has been involved in an accident. He might want details about the accident to help diagnose the problem.  

Frame shops and Inspections  

Taking your car to a garage or shop that does frame repair may be the best option if you suspect it is bent. The technicians there will put the car on the frame machine and measure it, comparing the numbers against specifications from the manufacturer. If the frame is bent, they will be able to tell where and how far out of spec it is. In many cases, the frame can be straightened, but if it is bent too badly, they may tell you they can't fix it. If that is the case, the insurance company is very likely to total the car rather than spend the money to try and fix it. Click here to learn more about auto body repair.