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5 Reasons To Tow Your Car When Traveling In An RV

With about 8.9 million motorhome owners in the United States, you aren't alone in wanting to travel by road when it's vacation time. There are many benefits to take advantage of when vacationing in an RV such as the ability to save money on hotel rooms and the opportunity to see various sights up close and personal. When packing your motorhome for the next trip, don't forget to load your car on a trailer so you can tow it behind you – here are five good reasons to do so:  

Save Money on Gas

Towing a car behind your motorhome during vacation will give you the opportunity to conveniently check out local areas while staying at RV parks. You'll be able to drive to parks, beaches, restaurants, and events in the car and save a nice chunk of change on gas because you won't have to move your gas-guzzling motorhome to explore. You can also park the RV rest stops while driving to your destination when you need to stock up on food and goods so you can drive the car around town to get the job done.

Go More Places

Because motorhomes are so large, there are many places they can't go due to limited road size or hard-to-navigate terrain. If you tow your vehicle, you'll likely be able to explore attractions and places you couldn't if you only had your motorhome to drive. Small dirt roads leading to hiking trails, cafes with small parking lots, and busy cities like San Francisco are all much easier to explore in a car than in a motorhome.

Split up Easily

You may find that the family wants to split up and do different things during your downtime while on vacation. Towing a car behind your RV will make it easy for you to split up into two different groups if necessary without having to rent a vehicle or ride bikes long distances. Having a car around will also make life convenient when some members of the family want to stay at the RV park and hang out in the motorhome while others want to go and explore.

Save Your Camping Spot

Being able to save your camping spot is another great reason to tow a vehicle behind your motorhome. Whether you're staying in an RV park, on a beach, in the woods, or on BLM land in the Arizona desert, you can easily maintain your camping spot while exploring by leaving the motorhome behind and driving your vehicle where you want to go. If you plan to leave your motorhome alone, consider installing a deadlock on the door, reinforcing the windows, and even installing a security system that can be monitored while you're away.

Enjoy Convenience in Case of an Accident

If you happen to get in an accident while driving your motorhome, there's a pretty good chance that your vehicle will still be in drivable condition unless the accident is extremely serious or you happen to be hit from behind. After having a head on collision or getting into a fender bender, you should be able to rely on your vehicle to get you to a hotel room and anywhere else you need to go while waiting for your motorhome to be repaired so you can get back on the road. Consider keeping a tent in the trunk of your car in case you have to wait a few days to get your motorhome back and you'd like to continue camping while you wait.

Just one of these reasons alone should make it worthwhile to rent or buy a trailer so that you can tow your vehicle behind you when vacationing in your motorhome.